Trigger Happy Animator

Animation Goal

By Raye Newman
My goal for animation is to get into the games industry. So I will be focusing on building a showreel and using the spare time of my already so packed schedule to practice using maya. I aim to line myself up with a job to carry on with straight after I finish this coarse and be on my way to bigger and better dreams.

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  1. Frank February 25, 2009 at 12:56 AM

    You need to change the title of your blog from "1st year..." to maybe just "animator". Start calling yourself an animator.

    For your major project, think up a narrative containing some, if not all, of the following elements:

    1. a walk
    2. a run
    3. a walk cycle = viewed from side and front at least
    4. a run cycle = viewed from side and front at least
    5. idle animation = breathing, looking around, anticipating or preapring for an action
    6. 2 character interaction = fighting, dancing, lifting
    7. different character types doing basic movements e.g. slender female, bulky male. punching, kicking, jumping.
    8. pushing and pulling different objects = usually a heavy object as first choice
    9. a gymnastic action = running and diving, jumping, gymnastics
    10. additional considerations depending on what you have researched about your target employer = a collapse, faint, death, shot, having been punched...
    11. dialogue/ acting

    They are elements of a games reel.

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